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Designation: Glyph
Faction Affiliation: Autobot
Alt-mode: small hovercar

Background: Glyph graduated from Drouhard University - popular with femme bots - with a concentration in Archaeometry and minor concentrations in Cryptology and Linguistics. Upon graduation, she became a member of the Autobot Science Guild. Glyph went on to serve the Autobots on Cybertron as an archaeometrist, identifying and dating artifacts.

A respected researcher among the Autobots, Glyph had many adventures in providing analysis, processing data, dating artifacts, making translations, encrypting secure data and decrypting enemy information systems. She wrote of all of these adventures in lengthy detail, in her mission reports. However, the reports were so long, few Autobots have ever read them in full.

Although busy with her duties, Glyph found time to socialize with Bumper while Ratchet and an organic alien were transwarped onto a street nearby. She also took time from her work to cheer for Sentinel Prime upon his triumphant return from Earth.

Personality: Glyph is a shy wallflower who is too focused on her work to devote time to a social life, or even interacting regularly with other living, sentient beings. Serious and mature, she is more comfortable working with artifacts, dead languages, code and encryption than having fun with other bots. As such, she tends to write long reports detailing her work to superiors and co-workers and then become annoyed when they confess they did not read the entire report. Her dissatisfaction with being ignored occasionally drives her to go out and interact with others and show interest in their work, in the hopes the interest will be returned.

Abilities: Glyph sports the popular and fuel-efficient 65356-9292-346 "scout" body shell type. She is lacking in physical strength and combat skills, but has ample technical and analytical skills with which to support her teammates. Her particular sensor network is well able to scan and take samples for electrochemical analysis, which her shell is physically equipped to provide. Her analytical processing ability and archaeometry database enable her to date artifacts, identify symbols, recognize patterns and decipher codes and languages.


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