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It was a typical day on Cybertron, or so Glyph thought. She hurried along the corridors of headquarters, carrying a stack of datapads containing the latest communiques from foreign heads of state and trade delegations, with her full translations. Her specialty was ancient symbols, but there was little funding for such study these days, so Glyph gave coding support to Chromia's defense team and conducted communications analysis and translations for various agencies within the Autobot government. She was versed in over 3 million forms of communication, including written, signed and spoken languages of organic beings; graphic pictographs, symbols and iconography; and numerous machine, computer and programming languages.

She almost bumped into Cliffjumper, as she turned a corner she was so intent on following the tall, blue bot that was their recently promoted commander. “Sorry!”

“The analysis of the video with that green Seeker?” Cliffjumper prompted. Glyph was the only Autobot who had a clue how to read the inherent body language of the winged, Decepticon Seekers, and that was partly result of studying published works on the communication of other winged sentient species, and mostly megacycles of watching video captured by Spacebridge Security Teams.

“Already at your workstation!” Glyph cried as she danced aside and continued on along the next corridor. She called after their commander, “Sentinel Magnus, Sir!” It looked like he was leaving the building! “Sir, Sentinel Magnus! I have additional translations for you!”

The taller bot barely paused and looked briefly over his shoulder as Glyph hurried to catch up to his position. “What is it...Glimmer?”

“Glyph, Sir. Translations.” Glyph shifted the stack of datapads to clarify her meaning.

“Put them on my workstation.”

“There are a lot of datapads there, Sir. And, excuse me, Sentinel Magnus, Sir, but had you a chance to review my proposal regarding...”

“Of course I reviewed it. It was that one that was really long.”

He hadn't read it, Glyph thought. “Yes, Sir.”
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